Are You Facing a Wage Claim?

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Are You Facing a Wage Claim?

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The minimum wage in California has been ever-changing for the past few years, and it will continue to increase each January 1st until 2023, when the minimum wage will be $15 for all employees statewide (note that many localities have a higher minimum wage than the state). With all of these changes, there can be some confusion and possible mistakes for both employers and employees, which can lead to disputes.

If an employee is accusing your company of minimum wage violations, it is critical that you seek legal counsel and assistance right away. The right Walnut Creek employment attorney can help you defend against wage claims and resolve the matter as efficiently as possible.

Informal Complaints

Often, if an employee believes that they have been deprived of their rightful wages, they will first report the matter to their supervisor or human resources. When this happens, it is essential that your company doesn’t ignore the matter. Instead, let an employment lawyer review the situation.

We can identify whether there were truly wage errors or not. If so, you will likely be able to rectify the situation by providing the unpaid wages and avoid escalating the matter. If not, we can explain why to your employee, hopefully resolving their complaint.

Formal Claims

If an employee brings a formal claim with the state or in civil court, we will defend against the claim to prevent unnecessary losses to your company. These cases might end up involving more than one employee or resulting in potential penalties from the state, so a strong defense is critical.

Learn How a Walnut Creek Employment Lawyer Can Help

The Yudien Law Firm represents employers in a wide range of employment law matters, including wage claims. If you have a dispute with an employee and need assistance, call 925.472.0600 or contact us online right away.

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