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Good Practices for Employers

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No matter the industry, most businesses rely on employees to keep things running day to day. And when there are employees involved, the stakes become much higher. As an employer, you have additional duties to your staff, as well as your overall brand, that are important to keep in mind. These days, there are new companies popping up regularly, many of which aren’t sure how to protect themselves while maintaining a safe, healthy work environment for their new hires. It can be intimidating, with all the paperwork, insurance, and legalities that come with having employees, but if you want to grow, this is something you’ll have to handle.

Whether your company has 5 employees, or 50, there are some basic things that you should keep in mind. These are considered good practices for employers, and should be the foundation of how you interact with your team every day:

  1. Safety regulations

Workplace safety is a huge concern, from both sides of the table. Your workers have the right to a safe environment, proper equipment and training, and freedom from major health hazards. You want your workers to be healthy and capable of doing their jobs, and nobody wants to deal with workers compensation or personal injury lawsuits. Know the laws for your industry. Get inspected regularly. Go above and beyond in your signage, precautions, and other protections.

  1. Harassment and discrimination

From both a legal and ethical standpoint, how you hire, train, and treat your employees is significant. There are many laws around nondiscrimination and protection for certain classes of people, which you should be aware of. Additionally, maintaining a welcoming work environment for everyone is imperative. Be sure you know the legal details, but above all, be committed to treating all of your employees with respect, fairness, and dignity.

  1. Security and finances

In order to be a successful company, it’s important to have the logistics in order, particularly around money and data. Make sure your financial accounts are clearly separated, insured, and secure. Invest in good software programs that protect sensitive information, and are easy for your employees to navigate. Hire a good third-party accountant to manage payroll and tax obligations. Only give certain individuals access to financial assets and records, and look into ways to keep your physical buildings and facilities safe too.

These are just three of the ways that employers can improve the odds that their business will be successful. To learn more about business law in Walnut Creek, or labor and employment issues, reach out to us at Yudien Law and ask for your free consultation.  

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