Knowing Your Rights as a California Employee

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Knowing Your Rights as a California Employee

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While every state in the nation has laws to protect its workforce, California has some of the most comprehensive labor laws on the books. If you are an employee in this state, you have many rights, and you should be aware of them. Too often, people don’t understand their own power, especially in situations like negotiating employment contracts or dealing with disputes, and end up putting themselves in a compromised position. Thankfully, there are many great resources that you can take advantage of, to learn about your rights as an employee, and what to do in certain situations. Additionally, there are experienced labor and employment attorneys in Walnut Creek, and across the state, that you can turn to for answers.

Whether you work for a large corporation or a small boutique company, you should know what kinds of things your employer is required by law to provide for you. Your rights are also protected even before you ever sign an employment contract, thanks to anti-discrimination regulations. These laws prevent employers from asking certain kinds of questions during your interview and also from denying you employment based upon things like your sex, race, religion, disability, and other protected classifications. If you feel that you have been denied a job for which you were qualified for, due to discrimination, it’s important that you reach out to a qualified attorney right away.

Your workplace should be somewhere that you feel safe and comfortable, as your employer is required to adhere to basic health, safety, and hygiene rules for the facilities and areas where employees work. You’re also expected to be free from a “hostile work environment,” and have power to address things like sexual harassment, assault, or other forms of abuse. You are entitled to personal protective equipment (PPE), but be aware, you may have to request it in some cases. Your job duties should be explained, fully and in detail, and you should be made aware of any and all hazards associated with your job. During the course of your workday, you are entitled to rest breaks and meal breaks, as assigned by either your representing union or industry standards. Your employer is also required to pay you at least the minimum wage in California.

When it comes to injuries or disputes on the job, you also have laws to protect you. If you’re hurt while performing job duties, you have the right to seek medical care, and to file a workers compensation claim. You are also protected from any employer retaliation for seeking these benefits, and you always have the right to consult with an independent labor and employment attorney in Walnut Creek.

There are many things you should know, as a California employee. Reach out to us at Yudien Law to learn more.

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