Labor & Employment Litigation FAQ (for Employees)

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Labor & Employment Litigation FAQ (for Employees)

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labor and employment litigation

An employer-employee relationship is critical, and California has strict laws to protect the rights of employees at work. If you believe your employer has violated a labor and employment law, you may have important legal rights and should talk to a labor and employment litigation lawyer in Walnut Creek as soon as possible. Below are some questions we commonly answer.

What if I believe my employer was discriminatory?

The law protects employees from discrimination in employment based on many protected factors, such as race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, disabilities, and many more. If you believe that your employer made an employment decision based on a discriminatory reason, you may have the right to take legal action. Some common discriminatory actions include:

  • Refusal to hire
  • Denial of a promotion or raise
  • Allowing harassment
  • Unequal treatment or policies
  • Termination

Am I owed overtime pay?

Labor laws not only require that employers pay employees a minimum hourly wage, but the law also gives certain employees the right to time-and-a-half pay for overtime hours. Not everyone is entitled to overtime pay, as some people are exempt from the requirements of the law. However, employers often try to misclassify certain employees to deny them overtime. An experienced attorney can evaluate your situation an advise you whether you are owed back overtime pay.

Was my termination lawful?

While many employment relationships are at will, some terminations can still be unlawful. Wrongful terminations can involve, among other things:

  • Discriminatory or retaliatory reasons
  • Violations of public policy
  • Breaches of employment contracts

We can identify when your termination may have been unlawful and can advise you of your legal options.

Contact a Labor & Employment Litigation Lawyer in Walnut Creek

At the Yudien Law Firm, P.C., we represent employees in complex claims for back pay and other legal relief. If you would like to discuss a possible case, please call a labor and employment lawyer at 925.472.0600 or contact us online

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