Sexual Harassment Training for Your Employees

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Sexual Harassment Training for Your Employees

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California law takes sexual harassment prevention at work very seriously. Part of prevention is mandatory training that certain employers must provide to employees, and this requirement generally applies to employers with five or more employees. There are penalties for noncompliance, so companies should make sure to provide qualified training as necessary. In addition, proper training can work to prevent complaints or liability involving harassing conduct.

Under the current law, employers must provide two hours of classroom or similarly effective training to supervisory employees, as well as one hour of training for nonsupervisory employees. The training should take place within six months of the employee starting and should happen again every two years at least.

Qualified trainers include:

  • Experienced employment law attorneys
  • Human resources professionals with the requisite experience
  • Professors or instructors with experience in employment law

California agencies can audit companies who fail to provide training and issue a mandate if needed. If an employee reports sexual harassment to the state or brings a case in court, noncompliance with training requirements can result in increased penalties and damages for your company. It is far easier to provide the necessary training than deal with the consequences of noncompliance.

Most importantly, if an employee complains of harassing behavior, your company should take immediate action to investigate the situation and put a stop to any suspected harassment. Hopefully, however, as employees are informed about harassment and prevention, this will be less of an issue for California employers.

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